Sécurité civile Landry
Sécurité civile Landry








  • Emergency measures and preparedness plans
  • Specific Response Plans (SRPs): water shortage, continuity and resumption of activities, colour codes for health network establishments
  • Fire safety plans


  • Planning and management of exercises
  • Event coordination
  • Feedback sessions and reports


  • Crisis management
  • Resource development (Coaching)


  • Exercises program
  • Feedback program (hot and cold)
  • Learning retention program


Codes couleurs



A training activity is associated with each plan developed. This training is indispensable if we want the application of the results to meet the targeted expectations and objectives.


We develop tools to facilitate the decision-making process, the implementation and the execution of the plans developed.

  • Organizational charts
    Based on the basic structure, these organizational charts represent the roles and responsibilities to be assumed in emergency measures.
  • Algorithms
    Decision-support algorithms are developed to enable risk assessments to be conducted in a uniform and rational manner in order to apply the appropriate plan.
  • Checklists
    For each specific response plan, checklists are created for each job title involved in order to support them in the execution of tasks according to the situation.
  • Technical books
    Illustrated with photos, these books describe the technical aspects of your facilities, all adequately identified on easy-to-interpret plans.