Sécurité civile Landry
Sécurité civile Landry







Our mission consists mainly in advising and helping cities (municipalities, boroughs and regional county municipalities (RCMs), health network establishments and communication centres (health and 9-1-1) to conduct studies and implement coherent and adequate solutions with regard to business continuity, emergency measures and preparedness.


The distinctiveness of our approach is based on a fundamental principle: the involvement of all parties concerned. We are convinced that this working method is the best way to respect the organizational structure in order to work together to produce documents that meet identified needs, taking into account the organization’s background and the realities of the environment. This method automatically fosters continuous assimilation by all parties concerned.


  • Responses focused on results
  • Imaginative solutions that meet your needs
  • A flexible approach integrated to the reality of your organization
  • Involvement of all parties concerned
  • Adequate state of readiness to ensure business continuity
  • Quality of services rendered, in compliance with schedules and costs
  • Respect for your organization’s background and the realities of your environment

We offer solutions applicable to your organization because they meet YOUR specific needs. Lasting solutions because we offer the training that allows you to control them. This is a profitable investment!